Look S-Track Pedals

Versatile, lightweight, reliable and with a large platform contact surface, this MTB pedal is ready for any Cross Country, All Mountain or Enduro rides thanks to the addition of its Cage. The S-Track meets the needs of mountain bikers of all levels.


  • Double contact surface area
  • New patented entry system

Sizing Chart

Read about Bike Fitting and Sizing on our blog!

This is a rough guideline and we recommend everyone get fitted at their local bike shop. For a quick guesstimate measure your inseam to the floor and select the size with a standover height about 1"-2" shorter than your inseam. Or, you know, come visit us at the shop!

4’ 4’2 4’4 4’6 4’8 4’10 5’ 5’2 5’4 5’6 5’8 5’10 6’ 6’2 6’3 6’4+
43 CM
47 CM
50 CM
54 CM
58 CM
61 CM
64 CM