2016 Dogma F8

2016 Dogma F8

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The DOGMA F8 raises the bar even higher than ever before. Improved aerodynamics, a new ONDA F8 fork, new Pinarello exclusive TORAYCA® T1100 1K CARBON, a more balanced frame design (through the use of more asymmetry), lighter, stiffer, and faster than ever 12% More Rigid* 16% More Balanced* 120 Grams Lighter* 47% Improved Aerodynamics* *compared to the DOGMA 65.1 JAGUAR and Pinarello Collaboration: The DOGMA F8 is a project that has provided a valuable collaboration with JAGUAR automotive group and Team Sky. The English automotive giant brought all its vast experience in the field of aerodynamics to the F8 project. Most importantly they supported Pinarello throughout the design phase with CFD analyses and wind tunnel tests. The major feature of the new T11001K is its stiffness to weight ratio over the previous Dogma 65.1 Think Asymmetric: Every Pinarello bicycle is conceived from this same unwavering thought. The DOGMA F8 is 33% More Balanced through the use of more asymmetric technology as compared to a non asymmetric frame and 16% More Balanced than the DOGMA 65.1


  • New FlatBack™ Tube Design: In addition to their aerodynamic nature, the FlatBack™ design of the F8 tubes offers extraordinary lateral stiffness and lighter weight compared to oval tubes ONDA RS F8
  • Material: Carbon 11001K Torayca®
  • Fork: Onda™ F8 Carbon 11001K Torayca® 1” 1/8 - 1” 1/2 integral system
  • Rear Stay: Onda™ RS F8 Carbon 11001K Torayca®
  • Frame weight: 860 grams (Size 54 without paint/hardware)
  • B.Bracket: Italian Threaded

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